Monday, December 14, 2009

use the Muse 3 and tech challenged

far be it from me to get it right the first time and if DOS were still the only way to access computers, i would be playing checkers.

i recently entered Use the Muse 3 - you'll see the piece in a couple days but i'm trying to get another part of Scarlett's contests done correctly.

SO :

i had a great time creating my Muse 1, it was simple yet elegant. i missed entering the Muse 2 because we were in process of moving. my Muse 3 really showed progression in my concepts of what makes a beaded bracelet and i even had asymmetry in my creation. looking back over the 3 contests i have improved my technique and a good part of that has been entering the Muse contests and looking at others fine craft work. my favorite part is receiving the package to see what the Muse is and revelling in the beauty of the all the beads.

enough for tonight.

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