Sunday, November 28, 2010

sorry it's been so long. enjoy these as i probably won't post until after the New Year. then to see if i can be a bit more consistent. these are all pieces that were gifts or orders.

Eyeglass holder:

The Use the Muse i did not complete on time to enter:

Name Tag Lanyard - the beads may be big but are very lightweight:

Bookmark - it's hard to see but these are shoes and the center beads are ruby colored.

A bead bracelet swap - she wanted fall colors.

and this is probably in a previous blog - Flit - a Use the Muse entry - asymmetrical and except for one line, it's continuous wire.

Enjoy your Holidays.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

aaargh !

here it is August and i realize i haven't posted since December. since this blog is mostly for my pleasure - then it's ok. lots went on and i have items created. guess i best get the pictures taken and posted. fair is in less than a month but i have most of my pieces finished.