Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tain't Fair - but that's the way it is

My favorite crafts are beading and ceramics.  The beading goes back to 1970 and I started ceramics in 1982.  This week and next is the Fair.  I judge the pottery & ceramics that are entered for adults, handicap and youth.  My fair entries are beaded items (7 categories).  Yesterday, I was doing ceramic judging and endured listening to the Beading Judge (who shall remain nameless) making disparaging remarks about various entries.  My mentor, Bonnie S. taught me that in judging you always make a positive comment about the item and politely point out an error if there is one.  The short version of this tale is that my following piece received a white (ribbon) which is 3rd place because "it is not symmetrical".  Nothing in the rules states pieces have to be symmetrical, only that it is beading.  This is an asymmetrical necklace:  

I should order a copy of the Lori's book and give it to the Building Supervisor who can pass it on to next year's judge especially if it is the same Bead judge as this year.  As my Gram used to say - "Anything worth doing is worth doing well".  Right now, I'm just laughing - especially when I consider the source.  I'm just glad I wasn't awarded a 'participation' ribbon.  It takes all kind and we're not missing a one of them. 

Our fair uses the Danish system:

The Danish system is a method of evaluation where a product or process is evaluated against a
set of standards, and recognition is awarded based on each competitor meeting those standards. In Danish system, the exhibitors are not judged against each other. 

And that is the lesson for today.  Still laughing and shaking my head.