Friday, March 29, 2013

Bead Soup VII reveal

Only one Bead Soup this year but Lori has done a fantastic job of organizing and setting up partners.  It's almost midnight here and I am in the first reveal for March 30 - so here is my piece ...  

The beautiful beads are from my partner Rachel Stanley. I tend to wear more bracelets than necklaces and really wanted a two stand bracelet.  

On this bracelet I did wire guards at both ends but only added split rings at one end.  Next bracelet will have split rings on both ends and that makes it a lot easier to crimp the wire.  I used the magical crimp pliers so my crimp beads are round.  

The nice thing about bead soup is that it makes me look at how I have been making things and want to improve my designs for a more polished, finished look. 

Hopefully I have the link working  so that you can go to other participants in Bead Soup VII.

And Lori - thanks again - I really enjoy these exchanges.