Friday, April 21, 2017

Can post to my blog

Back on 04-16 I had this problem:What the ?!*%#

  I have no idea what has gone on in / but I'm not happy.  I have two blogs from 2012 and now this one.  I can find all the blogs in between but can't create a new blog from that link.  I don't know what the European changes are and I really don't care.
  So I don't know how much longer I will post here but I did want to post my three newest bracelets.
  Two are peyote patterns I purchased off Etsy (which is also undergoing changes and many sellers are unhappy with the changes).  The Solstice bracelet was a Bead and Button monthly entry.
      Nevertheless I enjoyed beading them and hope you enjoy looking at them.
Now my blogging is functional ..... at least for today

Lascaux Cave Peyote Stitch - custom order

Solstice bracelet

Monarch Sky Even-Count Peyote Pattern by Kristy Zgoda