Saturday, January 14, 2012


I received this kit in plenty of time, I allotted time to create the piece.  Then real life continued on.  I had the flu just after Christmas and humdinger of a cold on NYE.  I still have residuals (courtesy of asthma).  A nagging cough and wheeze and sinus stuff that you don't want the details of.  So on the 13th, I set down and finished the piece. The 14th, I took pictures and true to everything else that interfered in its completion, the cameras wouldn't cooperate.  My cell phone camera died, my husband's new Kodak wouldn't share and the old Kodak took four tries to get the connection to work.  /sigh.

That said - the piece is complete, I'm posting it now because Michelle doesn't mind and I'm not staying up till midnight.

It's sweet, I like it and it's going to a friend who grew up where it never snows (and I mean never) and has only seen snow occasionally in the last four years. 

and here's the other blogs (if I did this corretly).

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why is this - Here Bead Dragons?

Welcome 2012

i will post from time to time on my beading -
sometimes simple, sometimes complex
but i can tell you this -

those of us who beads are Dragons

we love to play with jewels
horde them, guard them
& always love to have more of them

yeah, sounds like Dragon to me